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Meet the Team


Loran Bohall, Founder

Loran founded Bohall Design and Fabrication in 2016 with a small shop in a creative incubator space. A fourth generation woodworker, Loran is committed to beautiful designs that keep alive and celebrate true craftsmanship. Working with local sawyers and suppliers, Loran leads design and fabrication of both wood and steel custom pieces.


Heather Mathes

A graduate of the Herron School of Art and Design, Heather is a skilled craftswoman who supports all wood and metal builds in the shop. When not at Bohall Design and Fabrication, Heather is a talented painter and turns stunning bowls from all the natural wood pieces remaining after projects.


Aaron Zettler

Aaron is a detail-oriented craftsman who loves to problem solve. His background in engineering makes him a perfect fit for creating jigs and processes to fine tune products and procedures. Aaron is also a remodeler, designer, and property manager with his wife, Rebecca.


Derek Crocker

Derek is the shop’s lead fabricator, and an integral member of the team. A skilled tig welder, Derek’s expertise and high-end skills are invaluable for refining designs and production engineering. When he isn’t in the shop he's out skateboarding, riding motorcycles or climbing.

Trent Bishop.jpeg

Trent Bishop

With years of experience installing custom pieces and components, Trent is a critical voice for process development and a vital team member for large on-site installations. Trent is also the owner of Indy Wood and Laser, and executes all the shop’s custom laser etching and CNC router work.


Jerin Kelly

Another graduate of Herron School of Art and Design, Jerin is a true woodworking craftsman and a fine-detail fiend. He splits his time between Bohall Design and Fabrication and Goulding and Wood as a pipe organ manufacturer and tuner, and a bandmate of Loran.


Rebecca Zettler

Rebecca is the driving force for developing processes. She is an engineer by trade and has a natural eye for aesthetics and cohesive brand design. Rebecca’s task-mastery and enjoyment for seeing Bohall Design and Fabrication grow adds to the excitement about the future. Rebecca is also co-owner of Open Frame, a rehab and design firm.


Lauren Day

Lauren has an entrepreneur spirit and a project management brain. She keeps us motivated and organized for upcoming projects and deeply connected with the community. She splits her time between Bohall Design and Fabrication and her business, CityStrategies, which develops actionable plans to help businesses, people and cities exist together in healthier ways.

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