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The Arche table design was born from the desire to create a monolithic sculptural piece that has the ability to capture and refract a warm golden light. It was inspired by the concept of crystalline filled geodes found around the region that have a natural stone exterior with a vibrant light catching interior.


The Arche's deeply textured monolithic body has two highly polished mirror brass interior faces. The light capturing and reflective quality of the inward facing brass mirrors creates a glowing divider between the two sections. Depending on where it is viewed from it also creates a deep and repeating gradient of golden light that gets deeper as it rebounds from mirror to mirror. The textured blackened steel surface has a rich blue/gray/black color that is hand applied and sealed with an oiled and waxed finish that captures and accentuates the texture as well as creates a tactile and soft feeling surface.

Arche Table

  • Collection Blackened Steel Collection
    Dimensions 45" D x 16" H
    Type Coffee Table or Side Tables
    Materials Blackened Steel, Brass
    Est. Delivery Time 8-10 weeks 
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