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The Capsule Bench brings together a deep rich patinated steel body with a warm walnut side table.


The table is independent of the steel so it can be pulled out and used along with the bench and then put back in its place to create the complete shape. The steel is formed and welded in a way that removes any seams and makes a complete and monolithic form. The walnut side table is made with thick shop sawn walnut veneer that creates a durable and stable wooden pedestal table. The set creates a striking and functional piece that has both beautiful detail and texture in the metal as well as the wood grain. The metal is hand patinated, oiled and waxed to maximize the depth and tactility of the piece. The wooden veneer is shop made and laid up by hand to create a unique wood grain that has a natural pattern.

Capsule Bench

  • Collection Blackened Steel Collection
    Dimensions 18" W x 72" L x 18" H
    Type Seating
    Materials Blackened Steel, Walnut
    Est. Delivery Time 8-10 weeks 
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