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Introducing the Opinel No. 6 Stainless Steel Knife – a versatile and compact tool designed for everyday functionality. Crafted with precision in France, this knife features a robust stainless steel blade that guarantees exceptional sharpness and durability.

The No. 6's sleek beechwood handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and effortless cutting. Its compact size makes it ideal for various tasks, from slicing fruits and vegetables in the kitchen to outdoor adventures like camping and hiking.

Whether you're a culinary enthusiast, outdoor explorer, or someone who appreciates reliable tools, the Opinel No. 6 is the perfect choice. Elevate your cutting experience with this expertly crafted knife, where quality meets convenience in the palm of your hand, ensuring you're always prepared for any challenge.


Opinel No.06 has a 7cm, stainless steel blade with a varnished beech handle.

Opinel No.06 Stainless Steel

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