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The Talus steel and bronze side table is a beautiful sculptural addition to a living space. It’s multi-faceted surface has a low sheen that produces the appearance of an ever-changing shape with different facets accentuated as you move around it. The table is hand brazed with bronze to produce a distinct line at the edge of every face that is then polished out to create a smooth surface. It has a tactile oiled and waxed finish and is patinated to create a textured and deep black steel color. Each piece is brazed and finished by hand. It's a great size for a sofa or lounge chair side table, or a great accent cocktail table.

Talus Table

  • Collection Blackened Steel Collection
    Dimensions Mini - 15" L x 15" W x 20" H
    Lux - 24" L x 24" W x 23" H
    Type Side Table
    Materials Blackened Steel, Bronze
    Est. Delivery Time 8-10 weeks 
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