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Introducing Ryan Vanhoy's Stoneware Ceramic Cup, a true testament to the marriage of form and function, exclusively available at Appaloosa. What sets these cups apart is their innovative design, a symphony of practicality and elegance. Carefully contoured to allow effortless stacking, they transform ordinary cupboards into a sculptural marvel—a tower of functional artistry. The smooth, handcrafted surface invites touch, promising a tactile journey that complements the visual finesse. Ideal for enhancing your daily rituals, from morning coffee to evening tea, these cups bring an air of sophistication to every sip. Experience the seamless blend of utility and creativity, where the simplicity of form meets the ingenuity of design. Elevate your space and savor the art of stacking with Ryan Vanhoy's Stoneware Ceramic Cup, a unique creation found only at Appaloosa.


3.75" D x 3" H

Vanhoy Pottery - Stoneware Cup

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